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  30W Range 675 Compact Solar Lights

Most suitable for  residential use, lights on walkways at lodges, townhouses, access gates, etc.

35W Panel size: 55 X 35 X 5cm; Enclosure: 34 X 20 X 8.5 cm

Battery: 5.2 kg; Enclosure: 6.8 kg

18 Amp Battery fitted inside the enclosure | Plug-and Play. Easy fitted a 63mm standard pole 2 to 4m high by the client

Available with 1,2,3 or 4 LED lights

80W Range 1687 Medium Solar Lights

150W High-output Range 4893 Solar Lights

Sports fields, schools, mines, farms, lodges, street lights, security

Weight  65kg. This includes the 100Amp Battery and Lockable enclosure

And 150W+ solar panel

Available with 1,2,3 or 4 LED lights- each with 21 Super Bright LEDs per light head


Ideal for Wendy’s, temporary accommodation, bush huts, outside  storage, poultry batteries, stables, etc.

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With proper R&D facilities, quality processes, systems and people we can address complex solar light requirements.  

 ISO 9001:2008

Most suitable for larger residential sites, townhouses, car parks, light industrial & commercial


85W Panel size: 63 X 69 X 5 cm

Enclosure: 30 X 25 X 27 cm

Battery: 12.6 kg

Enclosure: 15 kg

42 Amp Gel Battery & Controller within lockable box

Available with adjustable 1,2,3 or 4 LED lights Technical Details
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We design & build South’s Africa’s very best high-output, inverter free, solar LED lights. We also build DC power supplies & other solutions.

Alike our 11 000+ followers, we are convinced that our lights perform very well on farms, plots, schools, mines, car parks, commercial & industrial sites, residential estates, lodges, etc. Control Relays - enable you to power any 12V device of your choice via solar Technical Details